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Create Your Own Online Diary Blog

Let every one know what you've been up to and what you're planning with a Blog

The common biggest question asked we're asked about blogs, is - what exactly is a "blog"?

Well, in simple terms, a blog, otherwise known as a weblog, is a mixture between an online diary and a personal profile. It's something that you keep frequently updated on an ongoing basis with personal activities and information with a diary type commentary.

Whilst blog's can vary greatly in content, they all have a few things in common:

  • A main content area with diary type articles listed in date order, generally, with the newest at the top.
  • A list categories that the articles are organized into.
  • An archive of older dated blog articles.
  • The ability for people to comment on blog entries.

Creating your own personal blog is completely free once you've joined the site, and you can choose to place it in any one of numerous categories from swingers to transvestites, gay to bisexual females, simply choose the one that suits your lifestyle choice.

And if you like blogging, why not take a look at the swingers forums as they too offer a mixture of dogging information, stories, jokes and discussion that you can take part in for free as soon as you've registered

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