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Swingers Parties and Club Events

Fancy considered attending a swingers party!

Well more and more of you are, and as such we are seeing a massive increase in the amount of swingers parties and club events being listed in our forums or being mentioned in the swingers profiles that are listed on the site.

"Many are held at swingers clubs up and down the country, whilst you will also find that a lot of the parties being posted are those of private individuals holding an event in the privacy of their own home"

Generally, swingers parties being held at clubs are organised by one or two members from the site simply as a publicly advertised get together of friends and known acquaintances. These parties have the benefit that the clubs will usually be open to all other registered members and so it is not always required to get an invite, whether you get invited into the group that have arranged to meet is another thing, but at least as your at a club you have other members to talk to.

Private Swingers Parties

Smaller, more discreet and possibly more fun?

If you don't fancy attending a club, but still want to join in with a swingers party, maybe a more private affair is what you're looking for.

Swingers parties, also known as wife swapping parties, are held in private houses up and down the country on most nights of the week, although you will find that Fridays and Saturdays seem to be most popular.

These swingers parties will generally have been arranged by the owner of the house who in many cases will have invited their own circle of friends from the site and the chatrooms etc. to attend. This can have the benefit in that if you know you get on well with the host of the party, you are more likely to gel with the other attendees as they are also friends with the host.

You may also find that private swingers parties can be more friendly and less intimidating than swingers clubs due to the lower number of people attending.

Another option that is often overlooked however is swinging holidays, leave the kids at home and head abroad for a week, a fortnight or even a quick swinging weekend away in the sun with the major benefit that if you get cold feet, you can always choose to get a suntan instead!

Register to the site now for free membership and start searching the profiles for swingers parties taking place in your local area.

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