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soft swap swing
"Swinging where the only penetrative sex is with your own partner"

Soft-core Swingers Personals

Soft swing meetings are often the first step into swinging that a new couple will make!

Many couples look at soft swing as the perfect way to step into the lifestyle as it allows then to experience the swapping of partners, often for the first time, whilst at the same time allowing them to make some new soft swing friends

And like other areas of the scene, soft swapping has it's own terms of etiquette and rules. As soft swap is generally a couple's first experience in the lifestyle, we felt it would be useful to give some guidance to help it run as smoothly as possible.

"Many couples that soft swap do so as they like to keep the intimacy of full sex for their partners, but enjoy the variety of new sexual partners"

The soft swing experience can be individualised into three distinct sub genres, make sure you know what kind of soft swing the couple you are planning to meet are into.

  • Same Room - Essentially this involves two or more couples in the same room, each having sex with their own partners only. It is the watching and being watched that arouses these same room soft swap swingers and this is often the very first step into the scene.
  • Girl Girl Only - The female members of the couples will play together, generally, watched by the male members from the sidelines. The male members may join their own partner after the two women have finished their fun. This is quite popular due to the amount of bisexual females and bi-curious women within steady relationships.
  • Soft Swapping - The ultimate soft swing. The partners of the two couples will swap and play, but will go no further than oral sex and maybe kissing. Penetrative sex is saved for their own partners, unlike in full swap situations however, there is generally lots of girl girl action taking part as well.

So there you have it, which genre do you fall into, or do you cross the lines a bit? No one couple will be exactly the same as another so remember to communicate with the people you plan to meet, asking and answering questions at an early stage can avoid a lot of embarrassment later!


If you're new to the scene and want to read more before you start making contacts, then you may find it useful to read our new swingers section which is full of tips and advice specifically for those new to the lifestyle.

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