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Is Swinging Still Alive In Hampshire?

Very much so, and if you'd like to meet some of the hundreds of swinging couples in the Hampshire region - stick around!

Over the years we've been asked many times what the best way to make contact with swinging couples in Hampshire is, as, and we're not completely sure why, but it seemed that for a while the amount of wife swapping taking part in places like Portsmouth, Southampton and Fareham was on the wane.

Luckily it seems that the number of swinging couples from East Hampshire and Winchester and the amount of wife swapping parties and dogging in the New Forest area taking place is back on the increase and that no doubt has a lot to do with the internet revolution. No longer are you restricted to making contact at Hampshire swingers clubs, it's now far easier than it ever has been to make contact with other like minded couples that are looking to swap partners for sex.

Our advice to swingers from Hampshire has never varied and has always remained the same, if you want to meet other swingers, whether they be couples or singles, you have to follow some basic guidelines:

  • Place your own swingers advert - Tell people about what you like, don't like, where you're from etc. Don't turn it into a 12 page story, just stick to the facts and be honest
  • Add some photos to your advert - Of course you can add some dirty ones, that's half the fun, but do make sure (gentlemen) that if you wish to show off your pride and joy, back it up with a full body or facial photo as without one you'll get far less response.
  • Respond to other wife swapping adverts - Firstly make sure you match what other people are looking for, if you don't you're simply wasting your own time and the owners of the advert.
  • Reply to messages you've been sent - Even if you don' t like the look of someone that has written to you, respond anyway with a polite no thanks - you'd expect the same.

If you're new to the scene then take these points as a starting block and you won't go far wrong, but for more advice on writing a swingers advert or meeting swinging couples for the first time, why not check out our advice section that has loads of information for new swingers.


If however you're a Hampshire swinging couple that knows exactly what they want have done all this before, then why not join the site now and place your own wife swapping advert, you won't be alone and you may just find that you enjoy yourselves whilst you're here!

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