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Stunning countryside, a amazing coastline and vibrant towns, they all make Hampshire an ideal place to visit. But what about another great pass time, Dogging!!!!

You've done the pillow talk, you've watched the copious amounts of porn, you've even talked about it with your mates or giggled with your friends, well now it's time for some action! Have a look at the dogging locations below from fellow Hampshire doggers.

Avon Heath Country Park - Ringwood

LeatherLove - Just off the Ferndown to Ringwood road (A31) at the old Little Chef roundabout. There's a large car park which, gets loads of action so long as it's not been filled up by the great unwashed!!

Southampton Common - Southampton

Shagpile - Turn into Cemetary road off the Winchester road. There is a large cul-de-sac with a car park. You'll find lots of people shagging away in the bushes and on the grass area, oh and mustn't forget the car park. There is a very big gay representation here but the doggers more of less match them. Cum down any night, oh and make sure you get some shut eye during the day cos we go on ALL night! When the clubs have kicked out it gets the busiest Loads of horny drunk people who just want to shag.

Viewpoint Car Park - Portsmouth

Anon - The Viewpoint car park at Portsdown Hill is a good dogging place. It's opposite the Fort Nelson at the West end of the hill.

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Verely & Verely Hill - New Forest

Hotflame - From what we've seen both Verely and Verely Hill are very popular with the local doggers and from Pickett Post their quite easy to find if you're travelling towards Burley. The first car park on left is Verely which can get quite hectic, where as a couple of yards up the road on the right is Verely Hill which is a bit quieter.

Lay By - A31 - Winchester

Fatman - There is a big lay by on the A31 from Winchester to Alsford. Anytime from sunset onwards you'll find all manner of doggers there. Plenty of couples putting on shows, some voyeurs and just lately there has been a couple of single female cum guzzlers.

Lime Pit Car Park - Basingstoke

Cum and join in the action at the Lime Pit Carparks. There's two off them so plenty of space for all that want to cum along, the second car park is bigger and more discreet than the first due to all the surrounding trees. Quite clicky though, so make sure you're invited to watch or join in first.


Tell us about a dogging site near you by clicking here. Make sure you tell us the best time to go, what sexualities there are, invitation signals (if there is one), what the area is like etc etc.

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