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Two Twins Decided To Fuck One Lucky Husband...

When Bianca admits she fancies her sisters husband, who could have guessed the end result...

My sister and I are identical twins. It was great fun growing up as we’d be forever pretending to be the other one. The game didn’t lose its appeal in our teenage years either, as we’d swap dates and play with each other’s boyfriends. Unlike many twins, who try to carve out their own personality, we have always loved dressing the same and having the same hairstyles. I have been married for 5 years and Bianca is single. One night, after a bottle of wine, she mentioned that she had always fancied fucking my husband!

I don’t know why I was shocked – Bianca always speaks her mind! But I couldn’t think of one reason to say no and it seemed so naughty! Surely Roy would be able to tell – he knows me so well! “Let’s try it, it’ll be fun!” I agreed.

So the following night, Bianca came over and put on my clothes and sat alluringly on the couch. I was hiding behind the curtains, trying not to giggle. When Roy got in, she beckoned him over.

“I’m really horny,” she said without preamble, opening her legs to reveal no underwear! I rolled my eyes. Surely that had given the game away. But Roy wasted no time in getting on his knees and starting to lick Bianca out. Rather than be jealous, I was fascinated. She winked over at me as I watched, entranced.

Could he really not tell or did he suspect? There was only one way to find out. “Enjoying yourself?” I asked, stepping out. Roy snapped his neck around and looked horrified. He obviously hadn’t known! I thought I might as well join in with the fun and offered to do so. Roy looked delighted. He had obviously had this fantasy for some time but hadn’t wanted to shock me with it.

“Let Bianca taste that cock,” I said, unzipping his flies. He sprang out, rock hard already. As she sucked him, I took the rest of my clothes off. When it was nice and wet, he slipped it into my juicy pussy. We were all on the floor within minutes, Bianca and I side by side. We were all totally naked and stroking each other’s bodies.

Bianca and I felt each other’s tits – we were both blessed with big round knockers and it was fun to feel a new pair of boobs – I had only ever played with my own! We didn't take it any further with each other than gentle stroking, whilst i'd been down on other girls before, i just couldn't imagine licking out my own sister, but it was nice to feel the soft touch of another girl playing with my tits again, it had been so long.

Roy took it in turns to fuck each of us. He couldn’t believe his luck. He took his cock out of Bianca just before he came and put it in my mouth. Her juices tasted ever so slightly different to my own. He kept a finger on Bianca’s clit and a finger on my own and knew just how to get us off.

We’ve never repeated that night again and Bianca still often visits for drinks or dinner. But sometimes I notice a wicked glint in her eye and, like many twins, I know exactly what she is thinking, who knows, we may give Roy a repeat performance at some point, or maybe we'll just get another girl in so we can both explore our bisexual tenancies.

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