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Ok, so Warwickshire has some fantastic history, but lets be fair, modern dogging culture is far more interesting!!

Long know as a place of beauty, Warwickshire is now becoming more well know by it's love of dogging! Infact, you'd be hard pressed to go out on an evening without driving past some doggin action taking place, if you know where to look that is!

Ryton Pools - Coventry

Terri - Have to love this place, it only a short throw from the local police colledge lol. Always busy after about 10pm and mostly left alone by the old bill. There's a regular crowd but they seem to welcome newbies quite well from my own experience!

Sandwell Valley Country Park - West Bromwich

PaulT - There seems to be some conffusion over which is the best car park for swingers doggin and not gay dogging, but i've always found that the best one is the Forge Mill carpark and maybe the Swan Pool. The other one by the golf course is best left to the cruising gay men frommy expereince

Dunchurch Picnic Area - Dunchurch

Sammie - Found this one after a tip off from a mate, nice and secluded and loads of couples there, when i turned up it was hard to tell who was with who as it seemed there was about 6 couples all fucking each other and best off all they didn't mind single guys joinign in, ended up being about 20 of us all going at it for a few hours!

Princess Way Park - Solihull

Filth - It's not massive but it's well known and well used by both couples and single guys like me alike. Great dogging after 11pm when you'll find loads of couples openly fucking away who don't care if you watch - bonus!!

Burton Dasset Hills Country Park - Gaydon

Anon - Not as busy as it used to be but there's still some action to be seen, most seems to take place within the cars now where as before it was on the benches and over the bonnets

Stone Bridge Island - Birmingham

BrumCpl - Anyone still using the layby just past here? Used to be popular but wanted to check before visiting again as the last time we went it was really quiet?

ForumPoster - Yep, still active, sat night is the best bet, get a few couples still so worth a visit, i'll be there next weekend if you're interested?

Hayward Nature Reserve - Barr Beacon

Stuart - Only up the road from the cap park near Aldridge, this place is heaving with couples fucking, they really don't seem to care who see's either lol Getting busier by the week I've noticed, anyone else up for a meet there?


There's plenty more doging locations to be found within Warwickshire, and to find them all you need to do is vist the swingers forums as soon as you've signed up for your own free advert.

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