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When you've had enough of building sand castles with the kids on one of Dorset's many beaches and you need a bit of time with your loved one, or not as the case may be, try out one of these new dogging sites.

There's plenty of dogging activity going on at these sites and there's something for everyone, gay, straight, bi or single. Unfortunately we don't now of any TV dogging sites yet, if you know of one please let us know.

Meyrick Park Car Park - Bournemouth

KinkyDorset - Meyrick Park Car Park is definately the busiest dogging site in Bournemouth. There are two car parks, the one for couples bi and straight if you're coming from Wimbourne Road end and then under the bridge and it's the first on the right and for gay sex you'll need the second on the right. The action starts late evening and usually goes on into the night.

Branksome Library Car Park - Bournemouth

ForumPoster - Branksome Library Car Park, at the end of Western Road is a big car park with a small hidden wood opposite with some park benches. Both the car park and the wood are good dogging areas. I suppose it really depends on whether you prefer in/on a car or out in the open. Come down any night of the week, there's usually someone about.

Matchams View - Bournemouth

Anon - Matchams View is a very secluded and private dogging site. It doesn't get used much, mainly because people don't know where it is. Take the lane off Matchams Lane, signed to Matchams View and then turn up the right hand track until you reach the car-park at the view point. Only ever used at night but a good place to meet up.

Throop Car Park - Bournemouth

BonnetLove - We've often used Throop Car Park for doggin it does have a lot of passing cars but we think that adds to the experience, you know, the thought of being caught shagging in your car. Because of this we would recommend going after dark.

Broad Street Car Park - Swanage

ForumPoster - Just wanted to tell everyone in the Swanage area about Broad Street car park, near the Pier. There's action to be had mainly at night over the weekend.

New Forest Car Park - Vereley - Ringwood

Dave&Rachel - There's always something good going on in the New Forest car park. It's just east of Ringwood on the road between Picket Post and Burley. Turn right into the New Forest Car Park Vereley. There are plenty of places to pull your car into and shag away till your hearts content. Any time of day an any day of the week. We like to go down there just after lunch on a Sunday, helps burn the roast chicken off!!!

Puddletown Forest - Dorchester

Bob - Puddletown Forest is used for cycling during the day so I wouldn't attempt to park up then. It's best during the week, really late at night, sort of 11pm onwards. It has started to become a free for all down here cocks and pussy everywhere so if thats your thing come and join us. I can assure you you'll be back for more. Oh yeah, Puddletown Forest is a just east of Dorchester, if you come in off the west bound lane of the A35 and follow the signs, park in the first car park on the right at the top of the hill.


Click here to tell us all about the new dogging locations you're using in Dorset and the surrounding counties.

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