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Sussex is becoming fast becoming sex central!! They're at it in every way possible. Dogging is just one of them!

These are very popular and busy dogging spots. If you fancy a bit a guy on guy action take a look at Dukes Mound or if you're more of a watcher than a partaker then scroll down to Goring Gap for some voyeurism.

Devils Dyke - Devil's Dyke Road - Poynings

Lioness - Devils Dyke has loads of places to park up. We normally go up there about 9pm on a Friday night but we've been told that it's busy every night of the week from 8pm onwards.

Dukes Mound - Nudist Beach - Brighton

ForumPoster - The well known Dukes Mound Nudist Beach is extremely popular with doggers, exhibitionists, voyeurs and of course the large Brighton gay community. Whatever tickles your fancy, you'll find it. Why don't you try out The Temple it's at the far end of Dukes Mound. It's popular 24 hours a day bu pleae note there is alot of gay action here.

Chailey Common Nature Reserve

LushLinda - We just love going up to Chailey Common at the weekends. We're never disappointed. Any time from 11pm onwards you'll find people up there.

Friston Forest - Friston

AliFun245 - I've found Friston Forest to be quite good fun. It's really secluded, with plenty of places for dogging action. Come down over the weekend for the best turnout.

Ditchling Common - Wivelsfield Green

Dog&Bone - If you feel a bit frisky and fancy some outdoor fun then go over to the picnic tables, they're the perfect height to bend someone over, or why not try the down by the lake. It is mainly couples but recently there has been a couple of young guys coming down there and joining in the fun.

Hastings Country Park - Hastings

SunnyDuo - We use the top car park at Hastings Country Park. It's brilliant any time from 10pm onward on a Friday night. We use a flash of headlights as an invitation (universally known :-))so keep your eyes peeled.

Goring Gap - Worthing

PinkTorpedo - This is also known as The Cabbage Patch. We've seen some great in-car doggin shows during the day and in the evenings, depending on the weather, you'll find couples putting on shows bonnets or whatever they can find.


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